Launching of the tuna fishing vessel “LJUBICA” at Zamakona Shipyards

by / Monday, 30 June 2014 / Published in Noticias @en, Últimas noticias @en

Last Moday, June 16th, the tuna freezer vessel “Ljubica” has been launched at Zamakona Shipyard, in Santurce, Bibao.

Belonging to Pesquera Miriam S.A., its main features are 89 meters long, 2.003 m3 of tank capacity and 18 knots speed. Built under Panamá flag, it will carry out its fishing activity in the Eastern Pacific Ocean. The tuna fishing “Ljubica” is equipped with FURUNO and SAILOR state of the art navigation equipment, fishing detection and communications, and a buoys system from MARINE INSTRUMENTS.

NAUTICAL expresses its congratulations to Zamakona Yards for its excellent work and thanks Pesquera Miriam for putting its trust in us as its technologic partner.