MF/HF Terminal renewal promotion

by / Thursday, 26 December 2013 / Published in Noticias @en, Productos @en, Últimas noticias @en
406301 con handset 406201 (3)

The sailor 6000 program has been successfully on the market for more than 2 years.

We would also like to contribute to this success and we offer a special renewal plan for the SAILOR 6320MF/HF DSC Class A 250W.

All the substitutions of a SAILOR 400 MF/HF, SAILOR 200 MF/HF or any other MF/HF terminal from any other manufacturer that is not sailor (of any power) for a SAILOR 6320 MF/HF DSC Class A 250W (product code 406320A-00500) will receive a discount that is equivalent to the price of MF/HF Terminal SAILOR 150W.
To sum up, buy the SAIOR 250W for the price of a 150W. Please check prices at your nearest NAUTICAL Office.

This promotion will be valid until the end of 2017. Make the most if this opportunity to renew the MF/HF Terminals of your fleet at a very competitive price.

More information about the product: SAILOR 6320MF/HF DSC Class A 250W