The new edition of Navalia will be held on May 22th – 24th at the Vigo Exhibition Centre (Ifevi). As in previous editions, NAUTICAL will be part of the exhibitors.

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Ocean regions footprints after complete migration

The satellites that form the Inmarsat-3 (I-3) L-band constellation have been in operation for many years. Three of the four satellites in the constellation are now approaching the end of their operational life and Inmarsat has planned the transition of services from the I-3 fleet onto our Inmarsat-4 (I-4) constellation.

VSAT Txori Hiru_Inpesca.

NAUTICAL has successfully completed the installation of the VSAT communications system in the fleet of the tuna company INPESCA, thus becoming the leading Spanish company in the supply of equipment and VSAT service of the tuna fleet.

IV Jornadas internacionales de pesca ORPAGU

NAUTICAL sponsors the IV International Fishing Sessions that will be held in A Guarda, Spain, on the 28th of July.


End of Life Notice for Inmarsat Fleet 33, 55, 77 and MPDS service.

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SkyFile Antivirus

The SkyFile Anti Virus software protects your remote computer assets from potentially harmful viruses.

Despedida Carlos Suarez del Villar

Last April 17, our dear friend and colleague Carlos Suárez del Villar passed away.

VSAT Buque Gibele

NAUTICAL has completed the installation of its VSAT solution on board the whole ATUNSA tuna fleet.

Satélite Iridium NEXT web

Iridium has completed the successful launch of its first ten Iridium NEXT satellites, with the satellites delivered into low-Earth orbit on January 14, 2017.

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VSAT system Beagle

NAUTICAL installed at the beginning of the year the first VSAT system for the fleet on board fishing vessel Venturer with a free trial period of three months. After the successful results the company Pescapuerta decided to install the VSAT Ku system on board the whole fleet.