Completed the installation of the VSAT system in the Echebastar tuna fleet

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NAUTICAL has installed the last two VSAT systems for the tuna fleet in the Indian Ocean on board tuna vessels Euskadi Alai and Elai Alai from Echebastar Company under the agreement for the installation of VSAT Ku system on board the whole fleet.

This installation in based on a Sailor V900 Ku-band antenna upgradable to the Ka-band if requested in the near future.

The service offers a flat-rate service for Internet for using different monitoring systems of the machines on board, weather systems; fishing buoys software, email and web browsing and other applications with a speed up to 2 Mbps downstream and 512 Mbps upload. The package selected includes an unlimited FleetBroadband backup to be automatically used in case of loss of VSAT coverage.

This VSAT system on board also have four lines for simultaneous voice calls while using the Internet. To optimize communications on board some lines are dedicated exclusively for the crew so they can benefit from very competitive rates for voice. The crew voice is managed directly on board through XChange box.
XChange box is a single, integrated solutions platform, which provides a reliable connectivity to the satellite network and cuts operational costs at the same time.

XChange box has been designed to offer shipping companies, IT managers, captains and the crew a full set of features to simplify and better control the access to data and voice services on board or remotely from shore.

More info about XChange box: XChange Box Airbus product sheet

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