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We provide global technological solutions for fishing, navigation, safety and on-board connectivity at sea, including satellite communications.

We specialize in providing services for the fishing fleet comprised of tuna vessels, trawlers, longliners, purse seine and auxiliary vessels. We also offer solutions and equipment to Public Administrations, Customs Surveillance Service and the Navy. Moreover, we design and execute complete integration solutions of the maritime electronics on new buildings on any type of vessel.

Our portfolio includes the best technology on the market combining both innovation and well proven solutions. NAUTICAL is synonymous with excellence in consulting, state-of-the-art technology, tailored-made solutions, comprehensive supply, global assistance and top-quality technical support.

Our company has a team of highly qualified professionals working in our own service network which is present in Spain, Panama, Ecuador, Seychelles and Ivory Coast. This allows us to implement solutions wherever our vessels operate and therefore ensure an effective rapid response to meet the needs of the fleet anywhere in the world.

In addition, the fact that we are part of a global conglomerate provides further assurance to our clients. Together with eight other market-leading companies NAUTICAL belongs to grupoarbulu, an internationally established company in permanent expansion which specializes in the field of technical solutions for the maritime sector.