Inmarsat update on the first migration dates for the I-3 satellites

Following the latest information received from Inmarsat Headquarters, we can confirm the Inmarsat C migration on AOR-W, originally planned for 16 April 2018 at 10 :00UTC has been postponed.

The migration of Inmarsat services from the Atlantic Ocean Region West (AOR-W) 1-3 satellite to Americas (AMER) 1-4 satellites will be performed in two stages:

  • Migration of Fleet 77, Swift 64 and Classic Aero services is scheduled to take place on 30 April 2018 at 17:30 UTC (subject to final confirmation).
  • Migration of Inmarsat C (to include Aero C and Mini C) services has been rescheduled to take place on 09 May 2018 at 14:00 UTC.

Other regions should follow at later dates to be confirmed.

Inmarsat has taken the decision to reschedule these services migration to allow additional time for customer readiness and further verification of the network infrastructure.

Inmarsat’s primary objective is to ensure that the transition process is as seamless as possible for all the partners and customers.

The transition of services from the I-3 fleet onto the I-4 constellation will continue throughout 2018 and will take approximately nine months to complete.

For more information you can read  Inmarsat Website.