New distribution and cooperation agreement between NAUTICAL and Hatteland Technology

NAUTICAL and HATTELAND TECHNOLOGY have reached on June 1, 2023 an agreement of Collaboration and Distribution for Spain and Portugal of the monitors brand Hatteland and Enix for the markets Marine and Offshore, including: fishing, merchant, yacht and shipyards.

This agreement turns the facilities of NAUTICAL in Vigo into a hub of distribution of these monitors and will allow the immediate delivery of the most common marinized models, as these:  HD 27T22 – 27”, HD 24T22 – 24” and HD 19T22 – 19”.

The agreement is also completed with the other segments: CCTV, panel computers and peripherals where, in close collaboration, is already working on the development of specific applications for these products.

“Hatteland Technology is delighted to sign this Distributor and Cooperation Agreement with Nautical for Spain and Portugal. We believe this cooperation will greatly enhance the Hatteland brand presence in the region and will allow us to make available our solutions in a more effective way, through what is a leading and experienced player in the marine electronics sector. We are certain of being in good hands!”said Mehdi Bounoua, Sales Director EMEA.

Andoni Zamora, Commercial Director of NAUTICAL says: “Hatteland Technology is not a new technology partner for NAUTICAL, as the relationship goes back a long way, but since 2021 we have seen how the interests of both technology companies were increasingly aligned. So this agreement was the natural way to strengthen this cooperation and to improve the presence and availability of these equipment in the market. And we are very pleased with the progress that this represents for both parties”

Hatteland Technology and NAUTICAL thus begin a new stage in their relationship with the objective of boosting joint growth and improving access to these technologies for customers in Spain and Portugal.

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