First Fleet One terminal installed for the fishing fleet of Grand Sole (SW of Ireland)

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Fleet One

NAUTICAL has installed the first Inmarsat Fleet One terminal for the Grand Sole (SW of Ireland) fishing vessel “Pescaberbes Tres” from the Spanish company Pescaberbes, S.A.

SAILOR Fleet One is the ideal communication solution for yatchs, motorboats and small fishing vessels. Enabling leisure sailors and fishermen to stay in contact with family, friends and business partners outside of mobile telephone coverage.

Based on the well-proven SAILOR platform, SAILOR Fleet One offers a cost effective hardware solution and together with tailored airtime options, a satellite communication solution within reach of all.

All the features you need:

• Simultaneous voice and IP data at up to 100kbps
• Compact, low-cost antenna
• Flexible airtime pricing
• 505 Emergency Calling
• Wi-Fi capability to connect smarphones and tablets
• Global coverage, operates down to 5 degrees antenna elevation with preferential pricing regions
• Easy installation

More information about SAILOR Fleet One terminal.

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