Successful launch confirmed for Inmarsat-5 F2

by / Thursday, 05 February 2015 / Published in Inmarsat @en, Últimas noticias @en, VSAT @en

Inmarsat has announced the successful launch of the second Global Xpress (GX) satellite (Inmarsat-5 F2) on board an International Launch Services (ILS) Proton Breeze M rocket launched from Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan last February 1st.

The rocket was launched on schedule from Pad 39 at 12:31 GMT and reached a sub-orbital trajectory less than 10 minutes later.
Through a series of five burns, the rocket carried the orbital unit first to a circular parking orbit, followed by intermediate and transfer orbits, and finally into a super-synchronous transfer orbit.
Separation of I-5 F2 and release into geosynchronous orbit occurred at 04:02 GMT on 1 February, at which point control of the satellite passed to Inmarsat’s mission team and the launch mission was declared a success.

Once operational, following extensive in-orbit and live service testing, I-5 F2 will deliver Global Xpress services to the Americas and the Atlantic Ocean Region, complementing Inmarsat-5 F1 coverage in the Indian Ocean Region. The third satellite in the constellation is scheduled for launch early in 2015, enabling the Global Xpress network to become globally available – expected early in the second half of this year.

See the Proton M launch vehicle blast off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, carrying the I-5 F2 satellite.

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