Inmarat GSPS traffic migration to the new Alphasat Satellite

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The new satellite Alphasat that Inmarsat launched in July 2013, has reach its orbital location at 25 degrees East, covering Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The intention of Inmarsat is that the GSPS services will be the first to be transferred from Satellite Inmarasat-4 (I-4) F2 to the Satellite Alphasat in November 2013. The GSPS Services include IsatPhone Pro, IsatPhone Link and FleetPhone.

Once the migration has been completed the users can make calls and data connections as per usual. No further action is required on behalf of the final user. The coverage map of the Alphasat will be different to the existing I-4 F2, as it is shown on the dotted lines on the coverage map.

Alphasat coverage October 2013

In addition, under the Alphasat Coverage Map, the GSPS coverage has been prioritized on the 44 degree North part. A small number of users on that latitude may experience an operational degradation. The transfer of the rest of the services from I-4 F2 to Alphasat, including BGAN, FleetBroadBand and SwiftBroadBand, is programmed for June 2014.

The details of the migration will be published further on meanwhile the customers will continue receiving services from satellite I-4 F2 as per usual.

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