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VSAT training

In order to offer its customers complete solutions in the provision of satellite communication VSAT service NAUTICAL has been present in different conferences and training courses about the VSAT networks and devices.

NAUTICAL has been certified as a provider of VSAT network Pharostar by Airbus Defense & Space and its key product named XChange box, control over all communicaion devices for both voice and data on board.

Attending the course held at Cobham premises in Denmark has allowed NAUTICAL to know in depth the operation of the new models of VSAT antennas: SAILOR 900 and SAILOR 800.

SAILOR 900 VSAT antenna, 1 meter dish size is prepared for both Ku-band and Ka-band (Inmarsat Global Xpress) and has a comparable antenna gain at 1.20 m from its competitors (G / T = 19.9 dB / K). The SAILOR 800 VSAT antenna of 80 cm has a comparable antenna gain at 1 m from its competitors (G / T = 18.2 dB / K).

NAUTICAL trust the quality of Cobham antennas and the advantages they present: easy installation, one cable and modular manufacturing, which facilitates service and maintenance on board.

Also NAUTICAL has received specific training from company E3 Systems, that belongs to grupoarbulu and accumulate extensive experience in the provision of VSAT services in the megayacht market, on the satellite modem iDirect, the modem used by most of the VSAT providers.

As a result of all NAUTICAL is trained in order to offer their customers the state-of-the-art technologies of VSAT satellite communications.

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Cobham VSAT antenna training

Cobham VSAT antenna training

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