NAUTICAL at the delivery of tuna fishing vessel TXORI ZURI

by / Wednesday, 05 August 2015 / Published in Notas de prensa @en, Noticias @en, Últimas noticias @en
D. Luis Arbulu, president of NAUTICAL, with TXORI ZURI at the background

NAUTICAL took part last July 31st in the delivery ceremony of the tuna fishing vessel TXORI ZURI. The act was celebrated at Murueta Shipyard facilities in Erandio, where the shipyard delivered the vessel to ship owner Inpesca. The tuna purse seiner will depart to the Indian Ocean fishing grounds, after completing supplies and fishing net trials.

The TXORI ZURI is 105 meters of length overall, has 2.800 m3 of fish holdings capacity and 18 knots of speed. It is equipped by the latest equipments of navigation, communications and fishing detection of the manufacturers FURUNO, SAILOR and MARINE INSTRUMENTS.

Bridge main console

We are grateful to Inpesca for the confidence in NAUTICAL as technological supplier, and congratulate to Murueta Shipyards for the excellent job made.