NAUTICAL has given technical support to the “Spirit of Malabo” before its Atlantic Adventure

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Spirit of Malabo

On the 19th of February the “Spirit of Malabo” a boat of 7 meters lenght, left Maspalomas, Gran Canaria, towards the Virgin Isles, its first destination, which is its 4th attempt to cross the Atlantic.

The US Citizen Víctor Mooney would like with his challenge the fight against AIDS and is carrying this feat rowing across the Atlantic on board the “Spirit of Malabo”.

Before he began this challenge, Víctor Mooney has expressed his gratitude to NAUTICAL for the services rendered at Las Palmas port to solve the technical problems that his Iridium equipment had, and which he required for this challenge cross the Atlantic.

From NAUTICAL we would like to wish Victor Mooney the very best in his Challenge which he calls “Goree Challenge”.

Spirit of Malabo


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