NAUTICAL, leader in the installation of the VSAT communications system in the Spanish tuna fleet

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NAUTICAL has successfully completed the installation of the VSAT communications system in the fleet of the tuna company INPESCA, thus becoming the leading Spanish company in the supply of equipment and VSAT service of the tuna fleet.

We have maintained our commitment to customize the VSAT service to suit each company. As with other fleets, the VSAT system was first installed on a company vessel as a test for three months in a totally free way, this has allowed both ship-owner and crew to test all the equipment’s performance with the normal activity of the vessel before making the investment and in this way has been able to choose the combination of level of service and equipment they want to have on board to cover all their needs. Following the satisfactory results obtained with the test, the tuna company INPESCA has opted for NAUTICAL for the installation of the Ku-band VSAT system on board their whole fleet.

Along the second and third quarter of 2017 the VSAT system has been installed and activated on the remaining 11 vessels of the Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean fleet, thus completing the modernization of the 12 vessels in the fleet. In this way, the Spanish tuna fleet becomes a pioneer in the use of the latest technology available for satellite communications, with NAUTICAL being the leading provider of VSAT service with more than 25 terminals installed on tuna vessels.

The installation of the VSAT system in the fleet will allow the company to have more services on board, both at the corporate level and for the crew and save up to 30% of the cost of communications they had with the previous equipment.

All the installations are based on the well-known COBHAM Sailor 900 VSAT Ku-band antenna.
The service offers access to Internet, with Global coverage allowing the use on board of different monitoring systems, weather applications, buoys applications, corporate email, web browsing services and many other applications. This VSAT solution also allows for simultaneous voice calls for two VoIP lines while surfing Internet.

To optimize communications on board the crew can benefit from very competitive rates for voice and data managed directly on board through XChange Power.

XChange Power is a single and effective integrated platform, which provides the most reliable connectivity to the satellite network and cuts operational costs at the same time.
XChange Power has been designed to offer shipping companies, IT managers, captains and also the crew a full set of features to simplify and better control the access to data and voice services on board and even remote access from shore can be provided upon owner’s request. The crew can use their personal devices on board too thanks to several WiFi access points installed on different decks.

Also NAUTICAL offers the VSAT Fleet Xpress communications service in Ka band with a full range of service levels and value added solutions to offer totally customized offers to each fleet and ship according to their activity. Contact us if you would like more information about our VSAT service.

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