New Inmarsat VSAT Service: Global Xpress

by / Wednesday, 04 December 2013 / Published in Sin categoría @en

At the annual Inmarsat Conference celebrated in Istanbul in November 2013, the new Service Global Express was presented: it is the first VSAT Service with Global coverage.

 The first Satellite of the New Generation I-5, of the 3 that will make up this constellation and that will offer Global coverage, was launched into space on the 8th of December from Baikonur in Kazakhstan on board the Space Rocket Proton. After being put into orbit, adjustments and service tests, it will cover the EMEA Zone (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), and it will be 100% operative in June 2014.

There will be 2 more launches after this one that will put 2 satellites into orbit IOR (Indian Ocean region) in June 2014 and AOR (Atlantic Ocean region) in December 2014, so that in March 2015 the Global Express Service will have Global coverage.

Inmarsat has also confirmed that they will use FleetBroadBand 500 to offer a backup service for the customers of Global Xpress because this type of satellite terminals offer a connection speed of 432Kbps which is the minimum required to satisfy the service quality of the Global Xpress backup.