Full GMDSS portable VHF , meets all GMDSS requirements

Full GMDSS portable VHF, including all recquired components to complete GMDSS radio inspections. Wheelmark approved. International Protection marking IP68.

Includes transceiver, lithium GMDSS battery, Li-ion rechargeable battery for daily use, 220V charger, AC/DC adaptor, DC connector and user manual.

  • Frequency range: 156 Mhz - 163,275 Mhz.
  • Channel bandwith: 25 Khz.
  • 100 additional programmable channels.
  • Transmitter power (high/low):  1,3/1 W.
  • Rechargeable battery: 2.000 mAh.
  • CNB750E 2.000 mAh rechargeable Li-Ion battery.
  • CLB750x GMDSS battery.
  • CSAHT single rapid charger.
  • CSBHT six positions rapid charger.
  • CCAHT 230V charger.
  • CWCHT DC adaptor.
  • CFC750 leather case.

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