High performance color video sounder, with multi-beam system and electronic beam stabilizer.

High performance color video sounder, with black box configuration (works with SXGA/XGA PC monitors). Multi-beam system presents images up to five beams simultaneously. Electronic beam stabilizer eliminates the loss of important targets due to ship’s movements in rough seas (within up to 20 degrees both sides).

Includes: control unit CV-301 ; processor unit CV-300E; transceiver unit CV-302-E; 38 kHz transducer unit CV-303.

  • Operating frequency: 38 kHz.
  • Output power: 4 kW.
  • Display range: 10 - 5.000 m.
  • Alarms: audio-visual alarma for bottom, fish, and water temperature.
  • Power supply: 220 VAC.
  • Motion sensor JIMS-55S.
  • Junction box CV-304.
  • Transducer T-625.

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