Black box Radar FAR2127, X-band, with ARPA and AIS targets.

X band black box radar. High performance equipment, displays ARPA and AIS targets. IMO and IEC approved for vessels under 10.000 GT. Meets SOLAS standards with an approved monitor.

Supports SXGA (1280 x 1024) monitors with DVI-D input. Easy to use by function keys, trackball and wheel knobs.

Includes: processor RPU-013; control unit RCU-014 (full keyboard), or RCU-015 (trackball); antenna gear box RSB-096-079; antenna radiator XN12AF (4 ft ), XN20AF (6,5 ft) or XN24AF (8 ft).

  • Antenna rotation: 24 rpm.
  • Transceiver frequency: 9410 MHz +/- 30 MHz.
  • Output power: 25 KW.
  • Máximum range scale: 96 mn.
  • Tracking up to 100 ARPA targets.
  • Displays up to 1.000 AIS targets.
  • Power supply: 24 VCC or 115/230 VAC, 8.8 A.
  • Gyro interface GC-10-2.
  • MU-190 monitor.
  • Remote control unit RCU-016.
  • Performance monitor PM-31.

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