Satellite Compass SC50, with high accuracy heading sensor

The last generation satellite compass, establishes the vessel heading from the GPS signal, and its performance is not affected by the ship’s speed, latitude, geomagnetism, etc. Used by a wide range of equipments which requires heading signal: radar, AIS, scanning sonar, echo sounder, etc. Displays GPS position information, SOG (speed over ground), COG (course over ground) and ROT (rate of turn). It also works as motion sensor for the last generation in acoustic equipment (fishing sounders and sonars).

Includes: display unit SC-502; antenna unit SC-303 or SC-603, with 15 mt cable; processor unit SC-501.


  • Accuracy:
    • Heading: +/- 1,0° (95% static accuracy).
    • GPS: 10 m (95%).
    • DGPS: 5 m (95%)
    • WAAS: 3 m (95%).
  • Receive frequency: L1 (1575,42 MHz).
  • Display: monochrome LCD 4,5".
  • Power supply: 12-24 VDC.
  • Antenna cable 30 m CP20-01700.
  • Antenna cable 50 m CP20-01710.
  • Flush mount kit CP20-17 (S type).
  • Flush mount kit CP20-29 (F type).

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