Searchlight sonar CH-270 Black Box , provides high performance searching.

Searchlight Sonar, thanks to its high performance beam, gives a highly detailed fish finding. Designed for medium and small fishing vessels.

It supports VGA displays (640 x 480). Easy to use with custom mode keys and wheel knobs.

Includes: control unit CH-252; hull unit CH-181/CH-184; transceiver CH-273; interface unit IF-8000; installation materials and spare parts.

  • Frequency: 180 KHz.
  • Tx output power: 0,8 kW.
  • Range: 10 - 800 .
  • Thru hull unit travel: 350 mm (CH-181) / 250 mm (CH-184).
  • Power supply: 12/24 VCC.
  • Rectifier RU-1746B-2.
  • Clinometer BS-704.
  • Remote controller CH-256-E.
  • Loudspeaker SC-05WR.
  • Motion sensor MS-100.
  • Transducer tank in steel or FRP.

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