Doppler Sonar Current indicator CI68 black box, with triple beam emision system.

High accurate current indicator based on Furuno’s acoustical technology. Designed for fishing and hydrographic vessels. The CI-68 has a triple beam emission system for providing continuous display of tide speed and direction in five depth layers.

It supports CRT or LCD displays (VGA: 640 x 480).

Consists of: control unit CI-6888 ; transceiver CI-6810; transducer CI-620-1-68 (10 mt cable) or CI-620-2-68 (20 mt cable); transducer tank CI-620-T-S (for steel hull); through-hull pipe CI-620-K-S (for steel hull); junction box CI-630; installation materials and spare parts.

  • Current measurement:
    • Speed: 0 - 9,9 knots.
    • Direction: 360º.
  • Depth range for current measurement: 2 - 150 mt, up to 75% of water depth.
  • Accuracy: +/- 2% of ship's speed + 0,2 knots.
  • System frequency: 244 kHz.
  • Transducer CI620-1-68 / 10m Cable.
  • Transducer CI620-2-68 / 20m Cable.
  • Transducer tank CI620-T-S for steel hull.
  • Through hull pipe CI620-K-S for steel hull.

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