Iridium Extreme 9575

The first satellite phone that has built in GPS tracking and also an emergency SOS button.

Iridium handheld with voice, data, fax, SMS messaging services and email capability via mini-USB cable connected to your PC or laptop.

Iridium Extreme 9575 is designed for the professional on the move, and offers anyone working remotely in locations with limited access to terrestrial network voice, data and much more! Ideal for industrial and rugged environments, government and emergency personnel.

Docking station accessories available.

Basic system including:

  • Iridium Extreme satellite phone
  • Portable antenna
  • USB power adaptor
  • International plug kit
  • Hands free headset
  • Li-ion battery
  • AC travel charger
  • Leather holster
  • Auto accessory adaptor
  • Mini-USB cable
  • Data CD + quick start guide + user guide

Weight: 247g

Dimensions: 140 x 60 x 27mm

Battery duration: up to 4 hours talk time


  • 200-charatech illuminated graphic display
  • Volume, signal and battery strength meters
  • Illuminated weather resistant keypad
  • Integrated speakerphone
  • Quick-connect to Iridium voice mail
  • Two-way SMS and short email capability



Iridium offer a variety of calling plans in prepaid and pospaid basis designed to meet the needs of customers using Iridium satellite phones.

Pdf-32Iridium pospaid tariff


Pdf-32Iridium prepay tariff


Please contact us to receive an offer for the selected plan and activate your Iridium SIM card.

Iridium Axcess PointIridium Axcess Point: allows you to create a Wi-Fi hotspot and connect to the Internet.


Iridium Extreme Lite Dock BEAMIridium Extreme Lite Dock BEAM: to fixed installations with charger function

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