Iridium terminal with global coverage, buit for rough environment at sea.

Iridium Terminal, offers voice, SMS, data and vessel tracking services. 2.4 kbit/s and 10 kbit/s compressed data. High performance GPS/GNSS receiver. With bluetooth interface, firewall and user authentication for high level of security. Connectivity with smartphone.

Includes: control unit, handset, antenna, control unit bracket mount, 3m DC power cable, quick guide and unit test sheet.

Contron unit Handset Antenna
Weight 1,54 lbs 0,65 lbs 1,94 lbs
Dimensions 8,82 x 4,72 x 2,76 in 8,23 x 2,13 x 1,5 in 5.94 x Ø 5.87 in
Temperature, operational +5° F to 131°F +5° F to 131°F -13°F to 131°F
Protection degree IP42 IP30 IP67

You can choose between pospaid and prepay plans:


Monthly fee + voice and data traffic charges

Pdf-32Iridium pospaid tariff



You can select the number of minutes and validity from a list of different vouchers

Pdf-32Iridium prepay tariff


  • Antenna pole mount.
  • Antenna angle bracket mount.
  • Control unit bracket mount.
  • Control unit flush mount.
  • 3m DC power cable.
  • 3m auxiliary cable.