Buoy by satellite with trifrequency echosounder, for positioning and tracking of FAD

Buoy with satellite transmission and trifrequency echosounder (50,120 and 200 kHz), to locate and track fish aggregating devices. Used for tuna fishing, it allows to achieve cost savings and more efficiency in fishing tasks.

Messages sent with the following information: soundings (fish presence or not, estimated sizes and quantities, species discrimination), GPS position, water temperature and battery level. Global coverage via satellite (Iridium), message reception through MSR and/or email, and buoys monitoring through MSB software. Compatible with MaxSea, OrbMap and Catsat.

  • Solar rechargeable batteries. Back-up with alkaline pack.
  • Weight: 5,5 kg.
  • Reserve of buoyancy: 6 litres.
  • Operating temperature: 0 °C up to + 40 °C.
  • 50, 120 and 200 kHz echo sounder.
  • Power: 500 W.

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