Automatic GMDSS EPIRB TRON 60 GPS, with float-free bracket FB60.  

Compact design EPIRB, with automatic release, tamper proof, for GMDSS compliance in merchant vessels, fishing vessels (new GPS regulation) and recreational boats in zones 1 and 2. 406MHz and 121,5 homing transmission. Optimal visibility with high intensity LED.

Includes: EPIRB with GPS, float-free bracket and automatic release mechanism by hydrostatic release unit. Non hazardous batteries. Wheelmark approved, COSPAS SARSAT and DGMM compliant.

  • 5 years battery life (4 years according to Spanish regulations).
  • Operating life: minimum 48 hours at -20ºC.
  • Transmitter frequency:
    • COSPAS-SARSAT satellite signal at 406,037 MHZ.
    • Homing at 121,5 MHz (International aeronautical distress frequency) for short range location.
  • Visual location: high intensity LED.
  • 85621 FB-60 automatic bracket with hydrostatic release mechanism.
  • 86225 battery kit for Tron60GPS.

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