Transponder JOTRON Tron AIS-SART. IMO and GMDSS compliance.

AIS transponder may be detected by class A and B AIS receivers. It helps to a more eficient location, due to superior position accuracy. IMO and GMDSS compliance. Wheelmark approved. When activated,  a red circle with a cross inside is shown in receiver display, identifying the vessel in distress.

Includes transponder 85037, wall bracket 82746 and user manual. Non hazardous Battery.

  • Frequency: 161,975 y 162,025 MHz (AIS A- AIS B).
  • GPS signal and transmitter indication.
  • Lithium battery, non hazardous.
  • Operating life: minimum 96 hours.
  • Position updated every minute.
  • 82615 Battery, Tron AIS-SART, 5 years maintenance kit.
  • 82746 wall bracket.
  • 84065 lifeboat bracket.
  • 82900 pole bracket.

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