Portable VHF ATEX GMDSS SAILOR intrinsically safe, designed for harsh environments


ATEX portable VHF GMDSS, intrinsically safe, meets GMDSS requirements. Designed for operations in hazardous environments such as oil rig, tankers or supply vessels. Conform to the 94/9/EC ATEX Directive and approved rating II 2 G Ex ib IIC T4. GMDSS channels and 100 additional programmable channels. waterproof to IP67.

Includes portable transceiver, antenna, Lithium battery, Li-ion rechargeable battery for daily use of 1800 mAh, single charger AC/DC adaptor, DC connection and user manual in English.

MED-B (Wheelmark) approved.

  • Frequency range: 149,3 Mhz - 174,000 Mhz.
  • Channel bandwith: 25 Khz.
  • 100 additional programmable channels.
  • Transmiter power (high/low):  2/1 W.
  • Rechargeable battery: 1800 mAh.
  • 403504A ATEX Li-ion rechargeable battery, intrinsically safe.
  • 403536A ATEX single charger (rechargeable battery 403504A, charger, AC/DC adaptor, connection cable).
  • 403538A ATEX dual charger (rechargeable battery 403504A, charger, AC/DC adaptor, connection cable).
  • 403500-207 leather carrying case with shoulder strap.
  • 403500-944 SAVOX C-C500 cable with speaker mic built in and headset interface.

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