Black box sonar CSH-5L MARK-2 , with full circle scanning beam.

Full circle color scanning sonar, detects and displays both fish schools and underwater conditionis. Is a middle frequency sonar, ideal for searching for distant fish schools all around vessel, and suitable for midwater trawlers and purse seiners.

Supports XGA displays (1024 x 768). Easy to use controls: function keys, trackball and wheel knobs.

Includes: processor CSH-5210-A; control unit CSH-5211-A; preamplifier CSH-5020-A; transceiver CSH-5130-A-5L; hull unit, 400 mm or 600 mm travel.

  • Frequency: 55 KHz.
  • Range scales: between 50 - 1.600 m.
  • Ship speed: 18 kn max (raise/lower operation up to 16 kn).
  • Audio search: sector 20°, 40°, 80° y 120° selectable.
  • Audio output: 2 W; frequency: 800 kHz.
  • Power supply: 100/240 VAC - 24 VCC (with optional inverter).
  • DC-AC Inverter TR-2451.
  • Interface unit VI-1100A.
  • Remote controller CSH-7040.
  • External loudspeaker.
  • Motion sensor MS-100.

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