Intellian VSAT V130

Marine Stabilized Ku-band Communication Antenna System with 3-axis and 125cm Dish Diameter

Intellian v130 is designed to track the satellite with great precision to response the ship’s motion in the roughest seas conditions.

Intellian v130 is a 1.25m Ku-band maritime VSAT communication antenna system that supports SCPC, TDMA, Spread Sprectrum or Carrier-in-Carrier and is suitable for high-speed internet, email, file transfer, video conference, VoIP, VPNs and database backup.

With its 3-axis stabilized platform and advanced shock-resistant and vibration damping design, the v130 is capable of withstanding the most demanding sea conditions to provide “always on” and “high-quality” braodband communications on all types of vessels.

The v130 offers superior RF performance with its simple yet sophisticated design that reduces installation time and total cost of ownership. Equipped with Remote IP access function, the v130 can be accessed, monitored and controlled from anywhere and anytime to ensure cost-effective technical supports.

The v130 comes with co-pol feed and Intellian’s Global PLL LNB as standard.

Radome & Antenna
Radome (D x H)165cm x 169 cm/65" x 66.5"
Dish Diameter125.0cm / 49.2"
Weight149.7 kg / 337 lbs (variable w/ RF components)

We can assess you with the VSAT Service that is best for your vessel, taking into account the navigation zone and the band width and speed required for the data

The VSAT rates consist of:

  • Monthly fee for the data flat rate.
  • Invoicing of the VoIP Calls (inferior rates to those of other Satellite systems)

Please contact us to receive your appropriate tariff.

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