Standarized high-performance 3-axis stabilized Ku-band antenna system with a 83cm reflector dish.

The SAILOR 800 has all RF equipment pre-configured and installed. This reduces the time needed on board for installation, resulting in lower start-up costs for users, whilst the SAILOR build quality ensures reliability and increased up time.

It provides tha same or better radio performance than a typical 1m antenna.

The SAILOR 800 enables you to operate two antenna systems on a single modem without the need for extra hardware to manage the feature; the integrated SAILOR VSAT antenna controllers manage the connection between satellite and modem. the simple dual antenna configuration ensures your vessel has a satellite connection even when there are obstructions in the way.


Dimensions (over all)
Height H 123.5 cm / 48.6"
Diameter Ø 108 cm / 42.5”
Weight 125 Kgs. / 275 lbs.

We can assess you with the VSAT Service that is best for your vessel, taking into account the navigation zone and the band width and speed required for the data

The VSAT rates consist of:

  • Monthly fee for the data flat rate.
  • Invoicing of the VoIP Calls (inferior rates to those of other Satellite systems)

Please contact us to receive your appropriate tariff.

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