Quality, Environmental and Information Security Policies

Our Quality Policy is a declaration of principles, where it is established:

  • Our mission: NAUTICAL is the leader in Spain in the maritime electronics sector. This leadership is obtained through a constant effort to maintain a line of service to our customers: We try to speak their own language, know their problems and needs, seek solutions together and implement them to their satisfaction.
  • Our people and values: It is essential, to carry out our mission, to have the dedication and effort of a staff integrated into the company, forming a true team of duly qualified and motivated professionals to achieve these objectives, with teamwork, defined the responsibilities, with an organized communication and with projection of future, always oriented to the market by Areas of Activity and adapted to a Group of companies. NAUTICAL, with the support of the Group and together with its staff, is committed to: setting measurable objectives and goals, delegating and assuming responsibilities and authority, communicating internally in a fluid, frank and open manner, encouraging and facilitating individual and team actions, complying with the legal requirements in force. All our actions must incorporate our Group vision, added value and quality, such as: availability to the customer, sense of urgency and immediacy, initiative, knowledge of profitability, entrepreneurship and continuous improvement.
  • Our customers: The attention to our clients must be our main activity. Their satisfaction and loyalty will be our main objective. This will be achieved by being close to them in both the commercial and service areas. The availability to our customers should be what guides our daily work and, ultimately, our business.
  • Our products and services: The range of our products must respond to the customer´s quality requirements and that ones than the world market can offer. Our customers’s needs evolve, so NAUTICAL is committed to meet these demands at all times. Our principles will be: Safety, utility, quality, the appropriate price / performance ratio, innovation and the necessary logistics to make products and services available to our customers anywhere in the world immediately, in a permanent process of continuous improvement.

As a summary of all the above and from the point of view of Quality, NAUTICAL Management understands that its objectives are qualitative and quantitative.


Our Environmental Policy:

NAUTICAL is devoted to the engineering, marketing, installation and after-sales service of electronic equipment for ships and is committed, in the framework of providing the best for the activities included in the Environmental Management System, to the provision of the service satisfying the rules and regulations that may be applicable, in relation to environmental characteristics, all within a rigorous commitment to the protection and conservation of the environment. Our intention is to be recognized by our employees and customers as a company committed to continuous improvement in the prevention of pollution and environmental control. To carry out the above, NAUTICAL Management emphasizes:

  • Establish processes that consider that respectful behavior with the environment is an integral part of the task of each employee, in an environment of continuous improvement of the same.
  • Ensure the continuous improvement of the Environmental Management System.
  • Identify and evaluate the environmental aspects that occur in the development of our activities and processes, establishing as a consequence control measures and pollution prevention.
  • To establish annually objectives and goals tending to improve the performance in the matter of environment
  • Promote in the suppliers and subcontractors the same principles of environmental protection that we apply.
  • Motivate the development of employees, promoting training plans in the environmental field.
  • Promote the conservation of resources through recycling and reuse, and ensuring that the processes used contemplate the reduction of raw materials, energy and water.
  • Promote communication with the interested parties (local, regional, national administrations, clients, suppliers, etc.).
  • Do the job well the first time, as a permanent attitude of everyone at all times
  • Orient efforts to prevent errors. Prevent better than cure.
  • Take all measures within our reach, to contaminate as little as possible, prevent accidents with environmental damage, or to minimize their effects.
  • Make this policy publicly available.


Our Information security Policy:

Information security is a cornerstone in the development of the activities of grupoarbulu, and it is directly related with the proper operation of all our systems and services. Therefore, we consider it essential to comply with legal and contractual requirements and to adopt international standards of best practice related with information security.

Our steadfast orientation towards our customers drives us to treat their information with the higher degree of diligence and responsibility. Thus, it is imperative for the advancement and continuity of our business to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the information that we process.

The following principles, which comprise the security policy established by the Direction of the Group, will be applicable to all operations, services, assets, resources and stakeholders involved in whatever business processes of all the companies that form part of grupoarbulu. All the directors of the companies of the Group and the managers of their different departments will enforce this policy in their respective field of activity and will be accountable for its compliance by their teams.

  • Leadership by the direction of each company, ensuring that the security goals are aligned with the strategy of each organisation, and declaring the steadfast commitment of its directors with the policies stemming from these goals.
  • Compliance with the applicable regulation and the international standards of good practice, as well as with all requirements that the organisation agrees to establish to maintain an Information Security Management System oriented to a continual improvement of its rules of procedure.
  • Matching the needs and expectations of customers, suppliers, employees, public bodies and other stakeholders involved in the scope of the information security, always preserving its availability, integrity and confidentiality.
  • Assigning the necessary functions and responsibilities in the field of information security and providing the support required for their performance.
  • Adopting the continuous improvement as a primordial mechanism for the evolution and adaptability of the organisation.
  • Implementing effective and efficient security measures.
  • Establishing and reviewing the level of security regularly, on the basis of comprehensive, systematic and standardised risk assessments.
  • Training, raising awareness and motivating the teams on the importance of complying with the requirements in matters of information security.
  • Consider the information security in our relations with suppliers and subcontractors

grupoarbulu has appointed an Information Security Leader in order to boost this policy and to provide advice and guidance on its implementation to all the members of the direction.