Inmarsat Gold Service ProviderWe have a wide range of Satellite communication services for both Maritime and Land market:

  • Activation and Satellite communications service supply (airtime) for Inmarsat, Iridium and VSAT Service Terminals.
  • Flexible Price Plans and adapted to the volume required. Special offers for large Fleets.
  • Specialized technical Service for personalized projects and turnkey delivery for the design of the communications network for maritime and land usage.
  • Value added solutions adapted to the needs of our customers:

    • Email via Satellite:
    • Without monthly fees or license fees
    • With sub accounts for the crew members
    • Possibility to send and receive attachments
    • 100% Configurable: remote access, filters and limits
    • Compatible with all the satellite terminals: VSAT, Inmarsat and Iridium
    • Prepaid solutions for all the crew:
    • Prepaid cards for voice, email and Web access
    • VoIP Switch Board Installation with automatic generated of accounts for each crew member assigned with the desired credit
    • Personalized Data and Configuration Filters to access the required applications on board
    • Possibility to enable limits and alerts for a monthly control of the credit
    • SATConnect Service for call from Mobile Phones or Land lines to any Maritime or Land Satellite terminal
    • Possibility to access the service via toll free numbers
    • Cheaper Fee than the ones offered by the conventional Mobile Operators
    • Possibility to configure fast dial numbers
    • Contact us for a free trial of the service

  • App SATCOM Monitor

    App Satcom Monitor

    • The app SATCOM Monitor is available to download for free from the official stores and can be used with Android and Apple smarphones and tablets.
    • With SATCOM Monitor new contents arrives on your devices for free:
    • Updated news about NAUTICAL and Inmarsat
    • Inmarsat network outage and service notifications
    • Management of your FleetBroadband terminals: usage statistics and traffic monitors
    • Install SATCOM Monitor and register to benefit from all the features for free!

Check our rates for equipment Inmarsat and Iridium:

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VSAT Service: Flat rate on board

We offer different levels of service and coverage and also different models of VSAT antennas that can be installed on board.

More info about VSAT antennas

We can assess you with the VSAT Service that is best for your vessel, taking into account the navigation zone and the band width and speed required for the data

The VSAT rates consist of:

  • Monthly fee for the data flat rate.
  • Invoicing of the VoIP Calls (inferior fees to those of other Satellite systems)

VSAT Ku Band coverage maps

Download e-mail software via satellite:

For more information and activations please contact us: