Shipchandling Service

We supply provisions of the highest quality, duty free entrepot trade, engine room marine goods, deck goods, cabin goods as any other goods that could be required for any type of vessel with the best prices and under order from the Ship owners or Captains.

We have a stock in our warehouse of a wide range of dry provisions, refrigerated food and frozen food, which allows us to assist our customer any time of the day, 365 days a year.

In order to make the communication easy with the Ship Owners and the Crew on board the vessel, we belong to AESMAR (Spanish Asoc. Of Ship Suppliers), ISSA (International Ship Suppliers) and also to Canary Islands Suppliers. You can see the catalogue of Canary Islands Suppliers here.

Especially for those orders of Engine Room or Deck Maritime Goods we guide ourselves by catalogues that have the IMPA and ISSA coding to contribute to the efficiency of the daily work, so we can clearly identify those items that are requested and avoid erroneous quotations or supplies.

For any request or quotation please contact with:

Ricardo Álvarez Rodas

T. +34 928 474 020 Ext. 525