Successful first journey of vessel “Lalandii 1” from Nueva Pescanova

On October 10, the trawler “Lalandii 1” left Vigo in route to its base port, Lüderitz (Namibia). This vessel is the V-117 construction of Armón Vigo Shipyards for the Nueva Pescanova shipowner and specifically for its Novanam subsidiary (Pescanova Namibia). This is the first of a series of three twin vessels aimed at renewing the company’s fleet in that country. “Lalandii 1” will be dedicated to processing hake.

NAUTICAL was selected by Nueva Pescanova and by Armón Shipyards for the supply and installation of the electronics of this vessel and next twins. The “Lalandii 1” has a complete equipment in fishing acoustics, navigation, satellite and radio communications.

After the success of its first voyage, both in catches and in vessel performance, the “Lalandii 1” has created a great expectation in Lüderitz while they wait for the delivery of the next two twins (constructions V-118 and V-119 of Armon Shipyards).